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Lawrence Middle School
2455 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Lawrence Middle School is located at the corner of Princeton Pike and Gainsboro Road. The school educatesMore students in seventh and eighth grades.

Lawrence Middle School's mascot is the Cardinal and the school's colors are red and white.

Students come to Lawrence Middle School upon completing the sixth grade at Lawrence Intermediate School. After completing the eighth grade at Lawrence Middle School, students move on to Lawrence High School, which is located next door on Princeton Pike.

Detailed information and statistics about Lawrence Middle School from the most recently available year can be found by visiting the New Jersey Department of Education's School Report Card database. The database is searchable by county, school district and type of school.

Among the information available in the School Report Card is a school-specific introduction provided by the principal with details outlining the different teaching methods used, as well as the programs and services that are offered to students at Lawrence Middle School.

The report card also includes statistics about such things as Lawrence Middle School's student enrollment by grade, student attendance rates, average class size, students' proficiency in language arts and math, student suspensions and expulsions, student-to-faculty ratios, faculty attendance, and faculty credentials.