Brownies Collect More than 500 Pounds of Food

The donations went to the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank.

Over the holidays, Lawrenceville Brown Troop 70642,known as the "Brownie Questers" were on a mission to find a take action project. 

After watching a short video of an single mother in the U.S. who could no longer feed her two daughters and turned to the food bank for help, the girls decided that a holiday food drive was in order. They set out by handing flyers to neighbors and friends and in just two short weeks collected 505 pounds of food

Brian Peterson of the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank hosted the girls with a tour of the warehouse and an explanation about how the food bank operates.

The girls learned that the holidays are not the hardest days of hunger. It's the summer months when parents and guardians- many of them single- cannot afford food for their children and no longer have the benefit of free or reduced school lunches.

"We are really proud of these girls" Girl Scout Co-Leader Maria Parrella-Turco said. The girls are already formulating their plan to help the hungry in the summer."

Troop members include: Charlotte DeMarco, Anna Schweer, Sriya Buddi, Natasha Kuliecza, Siara Mason, Madeline Shinn, Rithikha Rajesh, Alex Murphy, Mia Turco, Avery Gallagher, Sophia Gilli, Paige Vanhise,Julianna DeMaio, Kaylin Farmer    

The troop leaders are Parrella-Turco and Pam Murphy.


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