Where in the World are LTPS Staffers?

Some Lawrence Township teachers are busy this summer traveling the world teaching and taking part in missionary work.

Do you find yourself wondering what Lawrence Township Public School staff members are up to this summer? Well, here are just a few examples, as provided by the .

Alyssa Katz, Lawrence Middle School Spanish teacher, presented "Empowering Students to Manage Their Own Learning" at Alan November's Building Learning Communities conference held in Boston from July 17-20. Read more here.

Additionally Alyssa is traveling to Honduras later this month for a week in El Progreso where she will work with other volunteers to help local children and families build their new schoolhouse.  Follow her blog.

Clifford Williams, Lawrence High School assistant principal, attended Alan November's Building Learning Communities conference in Boston.

Kim Vinch, Ben Franklin Elementary School preschool teacher, is volunteering at a special education school in Ghana.  She took her 5th grade son with her and her older daughter met her there.  Follow her blog.

Jeff Berry, Lawrenceville Elementary School kindergarten teacher, is going on a mission trip to Guatemala next week.

Alison Levandowski, Lawrence Intermediate School special education teacher, is in South Africa with other Rutgers graduate students working on building learning communities beyond our borders.  Follow her blog.

Angeline Sturgis, Eldridge Park Elementary School ESL teacher and 2012 Mercer County Teacher of the Year, is going to Panama to live with a local family and experience their life at the same time she experiences what her ESL students feel like by not being a native speaker. 

Angeline plans to volunteer at an orphanage in the afternoons and take four hours of Spanish each morning.

Lawrence Guy July 20, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Do we know who is paying for these trips?


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