Trash Recycled for Third-Grade Invention Convention

Thirty students took part in Lawrence Township's second annual Invention Convention. Partipcants were challenged to “recycle, reuse, and re-engineer everyday materials into an original invention.”

Thirty students from all four Lawrence Township public elementary schools turned trash into new creations as part of the second annual Third-Grade Invention Convention, held at Ben Franklin Elementary School on March 29.

Students were challenged to “recycle, reuse, and re-engineer everyday materials into an original invention.” Each invention, which had to built using at least two recycled items, had to do one of three things: move things or people; protect the environment; or be used for indoor or outdoor play.

Among the students’ creations was the “Can-A-Pult.”

“This was a clever way to recycle cans, bottles, etc.,” said Lindsay Korsos, an enrichment teacher at Ben Franklin who hosted the event. “The invention was made from recycled materials. It had a moving arm with a compartment to put your can or bottle into. The idea is to pull back the arm and let it go and the can or bottle will land in the recycling can.”

“The Rain Drink Maker” was another student-creation built of recycled materials. “The idea was to catch rain water into a funnel,” Korsos said. “Once the water moved through the funnel it was filtered by a coffee filter as well as sugar and lemon. The remaining water becomes lemonade.”

Coupons to local restaurants and ice cream shops were passed out to students who participated.

Participants were encouraged to submit their designs and inventions to the PBS Design Squad National 2011 Trash-to-Treasure Competition.


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