Lawrence School District Unveils New Logo, Tagline

Displayed for the first time at Wednesday evening's Lawrence Township Board of Education meeting, the new logo proudly proclaims that township public school students and staff "Lead, Achieve, Succeed."

They’re three little words. Each is powerful in its own way.

Lead. Achieve. Succeed.

But together these words mean so much more. Together, they speak volumes about what Lawrence Township public schools represent.

At least that’s the way that district administrators and school board officials see it.  

A new district logo – proudly bearing the tagline “Lead, Achieve, Succeed” below the word “Lawrence” – was unveiled with fanfare during last night’s (Jan. 9) Lawrence Township Board of Education meeting. Also featured on the shield-shaped logo is a large “L.”

District Superintendent Crystal Edwards and school board President Laura Waters explained that the new logo was created to both promote all the good things the district has to offer and to give a uniform look to official documents, like letterhead that previously varied in appearance depending on the preferences of the individual school or administrator.

“We felt that we could do better at projecting the image that Lawrence represents,” Waters said. “We thought we could do a better job of finding a way to convey the values of the district.”

“We’ve been working really, really hard to identify our district as the place to be, where you want to have your kids educated,” Edwards added.

While the new logo will be used to represent the entire district, individual schools will still retain their individuals mascots – Amos the Mouse at Ben Franklin Elementary; Flash the Falcon at Eldridge Park Elementary; Lester the Dragon at Lawrenceville Elementary; the Eagle at Slackwood Elementary; Hootie the Owl at Lawrence Intermediate; and the Cardinal at Lawrence Middle and Lawrence High.

“Every school has so much invested in their individual mascots,” Waters acknowledged.

The new logo was created by a marketing committee – made up of administrators and school board members – that was formed last year. Assisting the group was Paul Schindel of Three Bears Communications. Edwards described the cost of creating the logo as “very minimal,” with Schindel doing most of his work pro bono.

“We selected a tagline that universally describes our students and staff. Whether in the classroom, in the pool or on the field or court, on the stage or in a concert, in a workshop or a meeting, our students and staff lead, achieve, and succeed,” Edwards said. “We’re excited about our new logo and will incorporate it within the district and the community on a continuing basis so anything related to us is instantly recognized as being of value and as part of Lawrence Township Public Schools.”

The new logo is part of the district’s overall commitment to improving communications with the community, according to Edwards. The district’s website has undergone a redesign that offers a more comprehensive and user-friendly resource, she said, adding that the improved website and the district’s monthly community newsletter, “The Link,” each received a Gold Award from the New Jersey School Public Relations Association.

Helping to unveil the new logo at last night’s board meeting were Flash the Falcon from Eldridge Park Elementary School and the Lawrence High School Cardinal.


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Teresita Bastides-Heron January 10, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Very nice logo!
Happy Lawrenceville Resident January 11, 2013 at 11:21 PM
I like the logo design...simple and scholarly and it illustrates high expectations. Great job!
930Sun January 12, 2013 at 04:53 AM
What was wrong with the old that they should waste time and money on this?
Teresita Bastides-Heron January 12, 2013 at 05:27 PM
As Happy Lawrence Resident said it is simple and scholarly and I agree with Happy. This logo its representing the seriousness that the Education Institution in Lawrence is having in regards of higher expectations in teaching and learning from their faculty members, staff, and specially from the students. Excellent job!


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