Chapin School Expands Pre-K Program, Adds 4th Grade Section

These options will be in addition to Chapin's five full-day Pre-K program.

Beginning in fall, 2014, Chapin School will offer two new Pre-K programs, including five half-days a week (8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) and three full days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). 

These options will be in addition to Chapin's five full-day Pre-K program. 

Chapin’s After-School Program will be available to students who attend school three or five full days a week.

“Our Pre-K students begin their day with play activities, cooperating with others, talking about their thinking, caring for others’ feelings, and learning how to manage interactions with one another, said Shana Lindsey, head of lower school. Our highly-experienced early childhood educators provide students with an environment that is focused on meeting the academic, developmental and emotional needs of our students.”

A third section of Grade 4 will also be added to accommodate demand while lowering class size to 12-14 students. 


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