Ben Franklin School's 'Make Art - Give Heart Night' Raises Over $300 for the Red Cross

The fundraiser was held to help New Jersey families who were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Editor's Note: The following is a news release issued by Lawrence Township Public Schools.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Ben Franklin Elementary School held a fundraising event to help fellow New Jersey families who were hit hard by Sandy.  All participants donated funds for the Red Cross relief efforts and then participated in several art projects.  

A mural was created under the direction of Ben Franklin’s art teacher, Mr. Colavita, to be donated to an elementary school on the New Jersey shore. 

Children made bracelets, pins, and cards for Sandy victims.  By by helping local storm survivors in need, the children proudly carried out the Ben Franklin motto “Take Care of: Yourself, Each Other, Our School, and the Earth”.  It was a great night for all involved.

The evening raised over $300 for the Red Cross.  Fundraising will continue through the sale of the children’s pins during the up-coming school book fair.

Teresita Bastides-Heron November 26, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Congratulations to the principal of Ben Franklin School, Mr. Colavita and the children of same for such as civic spirit. Their parents should be or must be proud of their children and the school they are attending.


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