Lawrence Council Meeting Agenda Available for Review

During the next council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22, a replacement will be selected to fill the seat on council left vacant by Greg Puliti's resignation, and council will decide whether or not to privatize police/911 emergency dispatching services.

The next meeting of Lawrence Township Council will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 22, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal building at 2207 Lawrence Rd. (Route 206).

The meeting agenda is available from the township’s website and the Patch media box to the right.

According to the agenda, during the meeting township council will interview three candidates – township zoning board chairman Stephen Brame, planning board member Ian Dember and zoning board member Ed Wiznitzer – and then select one to replace Greg Puliti, who resigned from council effective at midnight on Dec. 31, 2012.

Also during the meeting, council will make a decision whether to privatize police/911 emergency dispatching services by awarding a contract to Cranbury-based iXP Corporation or reject iXP’s bid and maintain the status quo of the township’s police communications center being staffed by municipal employees. Such a decision was postponed at the last council meeting on Jan. 8.


For the convenience of readers, the contents of the meeting agenda are also reproduced below:

Lawrence Township Council

  • Lawrence Township Municipal Building
  • Council Meeting Room – Upper Level
  • Tuesday, January 22, 2013
  • 6:30 P.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Mayor's Welcome and Roll Call

Statement Of Proper Notice: "Adequate notice of this meeting of the Lawrence Township Council being held on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, has been provided through the posting of the annual meeting schedule of said Council in accordance with Section 13 of the Open Public Meetings Act."

*   *   *

Interview of Individual’s to Fill Council Vacancy.


  • Stephen Brame
  • Ian Dember
  • Edward Wiznitzer

Executive Session: Deliberation of Council Candidates.

Selection of Nominee to Fill Council Vacancy

Administer Oath of Office to Nominee

*   *   *

3. Proclamations and Honors

4. Review and Revision of the Agenda

5. Public Participation

6. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meetings

7. Introduction of Ordinances

8. Resolutions

A. Authorizing a Firearms Discharge Permit for Maestripieri for 2013

B. Authorizing Memberships in Lawrenceville Fire Company

C. Authorizing Appointment to the Growth and Redevelopment Committee

D. Authorizing Bonding for First Baptist Church, SP-02/12

E. Authorizing Amending April Council Meeting Date

F. Authorizing Acceptance of Recycling Tonnage Grant

G. Authorizing Liens on Properties for Ordinance Violations

H. Authorizing the Refund of Tax Overpayment

I. Authorizing Recreation Fee Refunds

J. Authorizing Maintenance Bond Release for Mercer Mall/Houlihan’s –SP 19/05

K. Authorizing Soil Disturbance Bond Release for Colonial Bowling Lanes–IP 09/11

L. Authorizing the Appointment of Planning Board Attorney for 2013

M. Authorizing the Appointment of Zoning Board Attorney for 2013

N. Authorizing the Appointment of a Recording Secretary to the Planning and Zoning

Boards for 2013

O. Authorizing the Appointment of a Traffic Consultant to the Zoning Board for 2013

P. Authorizing the Appointment of the Traffic Consultant to the Planning Board for 2013

Q. Authoring the Appointment of the Planning Consultant for the Zoning Board for 2013

R. Authorizing the Appointment of the Planning Consultant for the Planning Board for 2013

S. Authorizing the Appointment of an Acoustical Consultant to the Planning Board for 2013

T. Authorizing the Appointment of a Traffic Consultant to the Planning Board for the Quaker Bridge Mall Site Plans and Others for 2013

U. Authorizing the Appointment of Special Counsel for the Zoning Board of Adjustments in the Matter of Simone Investment Group, LLC v. Lawrence Township

V. Authorizing the Appointment of Mark Boyd as an Armed Court Attendant

W. Authorizing Special Counsel for Workers’ Compensation Matters

X. Authorizing Inservo Insurance Company to Handle Pre-Existing Claims

Y. Authorizing a Closed Session of Council Immediately Following the Regular Meeting, if necessary

9. Awarding and/or Rejecting of Bids (* with public participation)

A. Decision to Award or Reject the Bid Submission for the Providing of Police Emergency Dispatching Services

10. Adoption of Ordinances (* with public participation)

A. An Ordinance Amending Article Ii Of The Lawrence Township Administrative Code – Agenda

11. Manager's Report

(Not included in packet – Will be emailed to Council)

12. Attorney's Report

13. Clerk's Report

14. Council Initiatives/Liaison Reports

15. Written Communications

A. Letter from Mother’s Recovery Inc. Requesting a Hearing to Appeal Denial of Towing Application

16. Old Business

17. New Business

18. Executive Session (if authorized)

19. Adjournment

Next Council Meetings

  • Tuesday, February 5, 2013
  • Tuesday, February 19, 2013



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