Lawrence Council Meeting Agenda Available for Review

At their next meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday, Jan. 8, members of Lawrence Township Council will decide whether or not to award a contract to privatize the township's police/911 emergency dispatching services.

The next meeting of Lawrence Township Council will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 8, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal building at 2207 Lawrence Rd. (Route 206).

The meeting agenda and Township Manager Richard Krawczun’s traditional pre-meeting memo are available from the township’s website and the Patch media box to the right.

According to those documents, more than three dozen resolutions will be acted upon, one new ordinance will be introduced, and council will decide on four ordinances that were previously introduced at the Dec. 18 meeting.

Council is also expected to decide whether to privatize police/911 emergency dispatching services by awarding a contract to Cranbury-based iXP Corporation, or reject iXP’s bid and maintain the status quo of the township’s police communications center being staffed by municipal employees.

The executive director of the Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority is also scheduled to make a presentation about ELSA’s 2013 budget, and the chiefs of the township’s three volunteer fire companies will be sworn into office for 2013.


For the convenience of readers, the contents of the meeting agenda are also reproduced below:

Lawrence Township Council

  • Lawrence Township Municipal Building
  • Council Meeting Room – Upper Level
  • Tuesday, January 8, 2013 
  • 6:30 P.M.

1. Mayor's Welcome and Roll Call

Statement Of Proper Notice: "Adequate notice of this meeting of the Lawrence Township Council being held on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, has been provided through the posting of the annual meeting schedule of said Council in accordance with Section 13 of the Open Public Meetings Act."

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and Revision of the Agenda

Administer Oath of Office to Fire Chiefs for 2013

Presentation by S. Robert Filler, Executive Director, Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority – 2013 Budget

4. Public Participation

5. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meetings

6. Introduction of Ordinances

A. An Ordinance Amending Article II Of The Lawrence Township Administrative Code - Agenda

7. Resolutions

A. Authorizing a Professional Services Contract for Municipal Auditor for 2013

B. Authorizing a Professional Services Contract for Bond Counsel for 2013

C. Authorizing the Adoption of a Cash Management Plan Policy

D. Authorizing a Professional Services Contract for Municipal Attorney for 2013

E. Authorizing the Appointment of a Tax Court Attorney for 2013

F. Authorizing a Professional Services Contract for Special Labor Counsel for 2013

G. Authorizing the Designation of Depositories for 2013

H. Authorizing the Establishment of Petty Cash Accounts for 2013

I. Authorizing Certain Individuals to Disburse Funds from Accounts of the Township of Lawrence for 2013

J. Authorizing Certain Individuals to Disburse Funds from the Small Cities Grant for 2013

K. Authorizing Certain Individuals to Disburse Funds from the COAH Trust Fund for 2013

L. Authorizing Continuation of the Court Bail Account and Naming Custodians of Same for 2013

M. Authorizing Continuation of the Collector’s Trust Fund for 2013 and Establishing Custodians of Same

N. Authorizing the Designation of Official Newspapers of the Township of Lawrence for 2013

O. Authorizing the CFO to Issue Instruments of Debt

P. Authorizing Certain Individuals to Execute Wire Transfers

Q. Authorizing the Designation of Public Agency Compliance Officer for 2013

R. Authorizing Janitorial Services for 2013

S. Authorizing Armored Car Services for 2013

T. Authorizing State Contract Vendors for Computers, Parts and Associated Products for 2013

U. Authorizing State Contract Vendors for Unleaded Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for 2013

V. Authorizing State Contract Vendor for Stationery and Office Supplies for 2013

W. Authorizing State Contract Vendors for Pager Services, Radio Communications Equipment and Accessories and Radio Services for 2013

X. Authorizing Cancellation of Tax Overpayments for 2000 thru 2004

Y. Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Greenway Easement Agreement for Greenway Trail Easement

Z. Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement for Health Services with the Township of Hopewell

AA. Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement for Health Services with the Township of Hamilton

BB. Authorizing a Professional Services Contract for Pediatric Services

CC. Authorizing the Acceptance of Bonding for 3175 Princeton Pike, SP-09/12

DD. Authorizing Refund for Construction Fee Permit

EE. Authorizing Alternate Prosecutors for 2013

FF. Authorizing the Refund of Tax Overpayment

GG. Authorizing Recreation Fee Refunds

HH. Authorizing a Closed Session of Council Immediately Following the Regular Meeting for the Purpose of Personnel and/or Labor Matters and Acquisition of Property

II. Authorizing State Contract Vendors for Auto, Truck & Equipment Parts & Accessories

JJ. Authorizing Board of Commissioners Representative for GSMJIF

KK. Authorizing 2013 Temporary Budget Appropriations

LL. Authorizing Ratification of FOP Contracts for Rank and File and Superior Officers

MM. Authorizing an Agreement with ADP, Inc. for Payroll Services

8. Awarding and/or Rejecting of Bids (* with public participation)

A. Decision to Award or Reject the Bid Submission for the Providing of Police

Emergency Dispatching Services

9. Adoption of Ordinances (* with public participation)

A. Ordinance Amending The Land Use Ordinance Of The Township Of Lawrence To Revise Article Xii, Administration, Enforcement, Violations And Penalties

B. Bond Ordinance Amending Bond Ordinance 1978-08 By The Township Of Lawrence, County Of Mercer, State Of New Jersey, In Order To Revise The Description Of The Improvement Herein

C. An Ordinance Creating The Environmental Resources And Sustainability Green Advisory Committee

D. An Ordinance Creating A Trails, Open Space And Stewardship Advisory Committee

10. Appointments to Boards and Committees

11. Manager's Report

A. Review of Sale of Township-owned Properties

12. Attorney's Report

13. Clerk's Report

14. Written Communications

15. Old Business

16. New Business

17. Executive Session (if authorized)

18. Adjournment

Next Council Meeting

  • Tuesday, January 22, 2013



For the convenience of readers, the contents of the township manager’s memo are also reproduced below:

Upcoming Meeting 1/8/2013

Oath of Office

The oath of office will be administered to the Fire Chiefs of the three Lawrence Township Fire Companies.


Mr. Robert Filler, Executive Director of the Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority will present the Authority’s 2013 budget.

Introduction of Ordinances

There is one ordinance for introduction.

Ordinance 6-A amends the Lawrence Township Administrative Code for the purpose of changing the order of business of the agenda for Township Council meetings.


The agenda includes routine administrative authorizations as well as resolutions providing for refunds, bond releases and acceptances.

In addition, the agenda contains resolutions that involve annual appointments of professionals and other administrative designations, including; Municipal Auditor, Bond Counsel, Municipal Attorney, Tax Court Attorney, Labor Counsel, Pediatric Services and alternate prosecutors.

Administrative designations include; approval of the Cash Management Plan Policy, designation of legal depositories, establishment of petty cash accounts, authorized signatories of various township bank accounts and wire transfers, designation of the “official newspapers” where legal advertisements may appear, authorization of the Chief Financial Officer to issue instruments of debt and designation of the “Public Agency Compliance Officer”.

Resolutions 7-R, 7-T through 7-W and 7-II authorize use of state contract vendors for the following purposes; janitorial services, computers and computer accessories, gasoline and diesel fuel, stationery and office supplies, radio communication equipment and auto parts.

Resolution 7-S authorizes a contract between Eastern Armored Car Services and Lawrence Township for the providing of daily armored car services.

Resolution 7-X authorizes cancellation of tax overpayments for the years 2000 through 2004.

Resolution 7-Y authorizes the Mayor to execute an easement agreement between Britton Industries and Lawrence Township for a greenway trail. The easement was a condition of a Planning Board Approval and agreed to by the applicant.

Resolution 7-Z authorizes a Shared Services Agreement between Hopewell Township and Lawrence Township for the providing of child health clinic services and lead paint risk assessments by the Lawrence Township Health Department. Hopewell pays a fee of $55.00 per patient.

Resolution 7-AA authorizes a Shared Services Agreement between Hamilton Township and Lawrence Township for the providing of health clinic services for sexually transmitted diseases by the Hamilton Township Health Department. Lawrence pays a fee of $25.00 per patient.

Resolution 7-JJ designates the Township Commissioner and alternates to the Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund which Lawrence Township became a member as of January 1, 2013.

Resolution 7-KK authorizes temporary budget appropriations for fiscal year 2013.

Resolution 7-LL authorizes ratification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the rank and file and superior officers of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #209 and the Township of Lawrence. The agreement is a three year term beginning on January 1, 2013 and terminating on December 31, 2015.

Award of Bids

Decision to award or reject the bid submission for the providing of Police Emergency Dispatching Services.

Adoption of Ordinances

There are four ordinances for adoption.

Ordinance 9-A amends the Lawrence Township Municipal Land Use Ordinance (LUO) for the purpose of codifying procedures that are being utilized when applying the requirements of the LUO. Matters addressed are the processes for the issuance of zoning permits for business occupancy and certificates of occupancy, clarification of the duties of the Zoning Officer, the requirements for a zoning permit and development of appropriate forms. This matter is on the agenda for purposes of a public hearing only as the ordinance remains subject to a consistency review by the Lawrence Township Planning Board.

Ordinance 9-B amends Ordinance 1978-08 by expanding the authorized purposes that bond proceeds may be utilized. The additional purpose is an equipment storage shed that will be placed at the Twin Pines athletic fields.

Ordinance 9-C authorizes that the Environmental Resources Committee and Green Team be combined into a single committee to be known as the Environmental Resources and Sustainability Green Advisory Committee.

Ordinance 9-D authorizes that the Greenway Committee and the Open Space and Stewardship Advisory Committee be combined into a single committee to be known as the Trails, Open Space and Stewardship Advisory Committee.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about the agenda or any other matter.



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