East Windsor Mayor Issues Post-Hurricane Sandy Statement

East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov expresses thanks to the those that helped the township weather the storm


Editor's note: The following is a news release from East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov.

Now that Hurricane Sandy clean-up is well underway and residents have power restored, we can reflect on the challenges and inconveniences of this extraordinary experience, but we also can and should count our blessings that here in East Windsor Township, we had no serious injuries or loss of life, and all of us have our homes and personal belongings intact. Even with impaired roadways and few functioning traffic signals, the Township had only one minor hurricane-related automobile accident; residents are to be commended for use of extra caution and courtesy on the roads. We also experienced no hurricane/power outage-related acts of crime.

THANK YOU! East Windsor needs to thank the countless residents, volunteers, staff, religious and civic organizations, the State of New Jersey and the Gov. Christie administration, FEMA, and countless others for their unprecedented response to an unprecedented storm that tested, and continues to test, our patience and resolve. We experienced many localized individual, business and organization acts of generosity and kindness to our residents and community.

I want to commend and thank our Police Chief James Monahan for his stellar leadership and the entire Police Department for their dedicated and caring service and assistance in helping to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. Our Director of Public Works Bill Askenstedt again was amazing, overseeing an awesome job by our great Public Works Department in preparing for the storm, as well as in the follow-up clean-up of our streets and neighborhoods, which is on-going. It is noteworthy that public works services including recycling and garbage collection were resumed by Wednesday, the day after the storm. Additionally, my personal thanks to Recreation Director James Brady who assisted with many needs including communications with our residents.

Thank you to all of our volunteer first-responders in fire and rescue who are always there year-round and provided good support during the storm event. Special recognition and gratitude go to the leadership and members of East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company No. 2 who really stepped up, opening their building to our residents to provide a safe and warm and friendly place and charging center for electronics, as well as serving as a local distribution center for water and ice.

Great thanks to American Legion Post 148 for opening their facility and offering shelter and meals to the community. Many local businesses assisted East Windsor with addressing the many challenges associated with Hurricane Sandy, including the Americana Diner, WaWa, Conair Corporation, Accel Rx, and Ferreira-Crisdel Construction. Several other local organizations offered their facilities to assist as needed.

In addition, it has been wonderful to see so many neighbors helping one another and coming together to overcome this difficult time. Neighbors throughout the community checked in on and watched out for their neighbors, shared information and resources. I deeply thank every one of you.

COMMUNICATIONS are a key element of any urgent situation. We encourage everyone in East Windsor to Sign Up for E-News Updates at www.east-windsor.nj.us.  For the future during important situations, E-News Alerts will be posted on our public buildings as well. East Windsor also uses the County Reverse 9-1-1 System, which has a data base of home phone numbers for emergency communications. Consider Registering Cellular Phone Numbers for the Local Reverse 9-1-1 Call System at https://mercercounty.onthealert.com. I was able to have the County institute the addition of cell numbers after Hurricane Irene.

As Mayor, I was in communications with JCP&L and the Governor’s office throughout the entire event. When action and information remained not forthcoming, I reached out to everyone I could -- including elected officials at all levels, President of the Board of Public Utilities and the highest executives of JCP&L, finally receiving back multiple calls from the President of JCP&L with specific actions, work plans and schedules.

While we all recognize that Hurricane Sandy wrought huge and statewide damage, nevertheless, the absence of appropriate communications by JCP&L setting forth reasonable time lines and action plans, including specific infrastructure and neighborhoods to be repaired and restored, and their failure to promptly address priority sites was not acceptable and further aggravated the stress and uncertainty of residents and undoubtedly resulted in huge numbers of added phone calls to the utility. We will be following up with JCP&L and appropriate State officials to discuss necessary changes and improvements.

Many New Jersey residents and areas, and those in surrounding states, were devastated during Hurricane Sandy, and we encourage everyone to continue their generosity by assisting our fellow citizens. The American Legion Post 148, located at 895 Route 130 in East Windsor, is accepting donations of dry non-perishable food, clothing, cleaning suppies and blankets at their building, daily from 12 noon to 8:00 pm. The State of New Jersey also has established the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort at https://sandynjrelieffund.org/index.html.

My great thanks to everyone for your terrific community spirit, resilience and working together to pull through successfully as the great community we are in East Windsor Township!

IRV November 13, 2012 at 02:24 AM
We need to replace our utility company to PSE&g
AQ November 13, 2012 at 10:02 AM
As a resident & small business owner in East Windsor, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all of the people who worked their tails off to get power back and maintain our normal services in town. Special kudos to Director of Public Works, Bill Askenstedt, who all too often flies under the radar but is out there with his crews to keep our much needed services going. On top of the great job he and his dept did after Sandy, he managed to keep his crew up and running to clear the roads during the snow storm. I know that many have been voicing opinions regarding JCP&L and their so called "lack of response" but this is likely somewhat unfair. The repair of power lines required the cooperation of JCP&L, PSE&G, and Verizon. In EW, many of the power lines are attached to telephone poles that are still owned by Verizon. There were numerous crews of workers from all over the country that came here to assist but they were unable to work on specific lines without the cooperation of other utility companies. As we learned lessons from Louisiana during Katrina, we can learn from Sandy and be more prepared to integrate services and communications between the utility companies that service our area. As owner of City Streets, I have made every effort to extend thanks to those who left their homes/families in other states to come to NJ/EW to get us back online. I have even reached out to their employers extending thanks on behalf of NJ. Let's Pay it Back to those citizens less fortunate!
AQ November 13, 2012 at 10:10 AM
City Streets continues to be a drop off point for much needed supplies for our fellow NJ brothers and sisters who have been left homeless and in need. We are working with Keansburg, Hazlet, Belmar, and seeking a connection to assist the over 300 citizens currently housed at Monmouth Racetrack. We will gladly accept donations of goods listed on our Facebook pages and will insure that they are distributed to those who need them. We are also attempting to purchase discounted Shop Rite gift cards that we will have at City Streets for those who would like to help by donating a gift card to NJ residents in need. For additional information, email info@citystreetscafe.com This will be an ongoing effort as so many will need assistance for quite some time.


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