Woodbridge Cop Files Suit Against Attacker

Neal Auricchio, Jr. is seeking $50,000 against the Philly Flyers fan who beat him up last year in a Philadelphia video that went viral

The Woodbridge police officer beaten up by a fan of a rival hockey team in Philadelphia last year has filed a lawsuit against his attacker and the bar that served the attacker alcohol.

Neal Auricchio, Jr. has served a six-count indictment on Dennis Veteri, his attacker, according to a report in the Star-Ledger. Veteri was sentenced in December to just 23 months of house arrest and five years' probation for his attack on Auricchio and his friend, Michael Janocko of Woodbridge.

Auricchio was left unconscious in the attack and suffered a concussion and fractured bones around his eye.

The beat down was recorded on a video camera that went viral as Philadelphia police scoured the area, trying to find Auricchio's attacker. 

The Woodbridge patrolman is seeking $50,000 in damages from Veteri and the South Philly Bar and Grill, the Star-Ledger report says. The bar, Auricchio charges, served Veteri after he was visibly intoxicated in violation of Pennsylvania law.

"The main goal today is justice," Auricchio told the Star-Ledger. 




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