UPDATED: List Of Downed Wires, Trees Traffic Lights Down In Central Jersey

Please let us know in the comments if you know of similar incidents in Mercer and Middlesex

Trees Down In Princeton

200 block of Herrontown 
200 block of Shadybrook 
1st block of Pheasant Hill
300 block of Russell Rd
300 block of Jefferson 
1st block of Hardy Dr.
700 block of PK Rd
900 block of Stuart Rd. 
Audubon/Province Line
Bouvant Dr.
Clover at Abernathy
Dickinson St.
Griggs Drive Loop
Herrontown at Bunn
Loomis Ct
Park Pl. 
Poor Farm Rd. 
Prettybrook btwn Great/Pheasant Hill 
Ridgeview Rd.
Ridgeview Cir.
Rosedale at Christopher
Littlebrook North/Magnolia 

Wires Down

1200 block of Great Rd.
Horner La
200 block of Mercer
300 block of Western Way 
700 block Prospect
1st block of Jefferson
Bertrand Dr. 
Elm Rd. /Alison Rd
Evergreen Cir
Hemlock Cir
Hun Rd. 
Lake at Riverside 
Linden at Hamilton 
Maple St 
McCosh Cir. 
Morgan Pl.
Parkside Dr. 
Rosedale Lane
Woodside at Prospect 
Province Line/Rosedale

Trees w Wires

1000 block of Mercer
1000 block of Stuart Rd
1st block of Dickinson
1st block of Hemlock
1st block of Dodds
1st block of Bank St. 
1st block of Haslet
200 block of Mercer
1st block of Race
1st block of Mason Dr. 
1st block of Lovers 
500 block of Mercer
601 Ewing St. (roadway closed) 
1st block of Bertrand
Basin St.
Clover/Deer Path 
Edgerstn/Hun Sch
Lilac at Hodge
Mt Lucas/Ewing
Rosedale/ Gen. Johnson JP School 
Stuart/Cherry Hill 
Tyson La. 
Winant/Hun School 
Drakes Corner Rd. 

The following traffic lights are not functioning at this time: 

Rt. 206/Mountain Ave. 
Great Rd/Stuart Rd. 

The following roads are impassable due to storm damage: 

Rosedale Rd. between Johnson Park School and Elm Rd. 
Mercer St. between Springdale Rd.and Lovers Lane 
Province Line between Rt. 206 and Rosedale Rd. 
Stuart Rd. between Bouvant and Hardy Dr. 

Block number indicate a range on any given street where a problem exists. If your specific house number is not listed but your block is, we have any wires/trees down on our list. DPW crews are working to clear all streets, and PSE&G has been notified of downed wires.


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