New Lawrence Police Chief Will be Promoted from Within the Ranks

At most, three people will be eligible to take the civil service exam for Police Chief: Lt. Mark Ubry, Lt. Thomas Ritter and Lt. Charles Edgar.

Lawrence Township will promote from within to the fill the position of Police Chief after Daniel Posluszny retires effective Jan. 1, 2014.

Town Council on Tuesday gave Manager Richard Krawczun the go-ahead to appoint a temporary Police Chief effective Jan. 1 and then start the process of civil service testing for the department's highest position.

At most, three people will be eligible to take the civil service exam for Police Chief: Lt. Charles Edgar, Lt. Thomas Ritter and Lt. Mark Ubry.

Krawczun said hiring a civilian Public Safety Director- an idea that had been suggested- would require the police department to fill a currently vacant and unfunded Police Captain position. At a minimum, that would cost Lawrence Township an additional $104,000.

As for hiring a police chief from outside the department, Krawczun said doing so “could be problematic,” although he did not elaborate.  

Shaun Sexton, first vice president of FOP Lodge 209, told Council on Tuesday that the organization believes they’re “losing a dedicated leader “in Posluszny and they want the department's next leader to come from within the ranks.

That’s a change from last year, when representatives from both the FOP and the Lawrence Township PBA Local 119 suggested a Public Safety Director could save the town money, but Krawczun said his own analysis found that to be untrue.

A Public Safety Director would cost taxpayers at least $104,000, more even if the person hired did not receive benefits from the Township. And that cost would go against the 2 percent annual tax cap.

Krawczun said the pros of hiring a Public Safety Director would include a fresh perspective from outside the department, the ability to remove the person for poor performance and having one person being responsible for police, fire and emergency medical services. The cons include the person would be a civilian without police powers: that person could not carry firearms or view confidential internal reports.

josh hamilton December 06, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Is it very hard to see that Dan is going to recommend his BROTHER IN LAW, MARK UBRY, as the new police chief? I'm out of the loop and can read right through this charade. That Department goes from Dan who had a doctorate to Mark, who is high school educated. What's wrong with that picture folks?
ted December 09, 2013 at 01:11 PM
Let's not jump the gun. They need an interim person, and the 3 LT's need to take the exam. Ultimately, it will be up to our town manager to make the right choice. Hopefully, he will get the right person for the job. Chief Dan, thanks for your service and best of luck in future endeavors. Undoubtedly a thankless job at times.
josh hamilton December 09, 2013 at 08:51 PM
I'll believe it when I read about it Ted. Nothing has ever been fair in that police department! They hired a police chief who had a severe drinking problem previously. One who slept off his drunkeness in a cell when he was an officer and supervisor. That place needs to finally choose the BEST person for the job instead of this charade that continues every time a police chief is needed. Maybe look at the custodial staff, they might be the best people for the job. Speaking of the custodial staff. Is Margie still there? Wait, if she's still there, she can't be hired as police chief because she was indirectly related to a former police chief.


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