Men Burglarized Two Lawrence Homes, Police Allege

Suspects Colin Hayman, 20, and Randolph Edwards, 20, allegedly broke into homes on Drift Avenue and Northbrook Avenue in Lawrence on Feb. 1, police said. The two were arrested Feb. 13 after they allegedly tried to burglarize a home in Hamilton.

Two men who were arrested by Hamilton Township police last week minutes after they allegedly burglarized a home in that municipality have been charged by Lawrence Township police in connection with two residential break-ins that occurred on the same day in Lawrence earlier this month.

Lt. Mark Ubry, Lawrence Township police spokesman, said Detectives James Smith and Todd Caruso on Feb. 15 charged the suspects – Colin Hayman, 20, and Randolph Edwards, 20, both of Trenton – each with two counts of burglary and two counts of theft in connection with the break-ins that occurred on Feb. 1 on Drift Avenue and Northbrook Avenue.

As previously reported, more than $1,300 worth of property – including Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 video game consoles, assorted coins and liquor – was stolen from the home on Drift Avenue, while two laptop computers, two iPads, two iPods and other property worth $5,700 were stolen from the house on Northbrook Avenue.

Police previously revealed that entry to the house on Drift Avenue was made by prying open a door, and entry to the home on Northbrook Avenue was gained by forcing open a metal door leading to the interior of the residence from the garage.

A third burglary that occurred on Gedney Avenue that same day, Feb. 1, remains under investigation, Ubry said.

Hamilton Township police said Hayman and Edwards were arrested on Feb. 13 after they were spotted allegedly breaking into a home on Sandalwood Avenue, off Sweet Briar Avenue. Lawrence Township Police Officer Ron Buchanan and his canine partner were called out that afternoon to help Hamilton police search the neighborhood for the suspects.

Hayman and Edwards were each charged by Hamilton Township police with multiple counts of burglary and theft.


Mister B February 22, 2013 at 03:29 AM
Patrick, do you honestly think that this was their first rodeo and they just got unlucky and caught? Save me the left-wing dribble about these two idiots being victims of society. Frankly I'm tired of the attitude in people who want to bend over backwards to repair the lives of people who make stupid decisions over and over again in spite of being given chance after chance after chance. These two weren't just busting down doors because they wanted a television they couldn't be bothered to earn the money to buy. If you add up what's been reported in various reports, they stole to the tune of $30,000 plus. They're a pair of lazy do-nothings who were just thieving. Maybe a little more pitchforking and a little less hand holding and these idiots will think twice about taking up a life of thieving.
Patrick February 22, 2013 at 06:38 AM
I never said they where victims of society, did I? I didn't bring up the fact that when you don't educate people to earn a living they find other means, did I? no. I said they should be in jail, just not have the key thrown away, or be killed for it. My point was your type of over reaction to crime by 20 year olds. There are nearly 7.3 million Americans in US prison system right now, over 3% of the population. in 1980 1.5 million. So I guess that lock umm up theory is working out REAL well. so there is the reality.... and yeah, I bet if they did have something to look forward to besides stealing xboxs and ipads that maybe just maybe they wouldn't be breaking into homes.... but putting two 20 year olds in general population with capital criminals for extended periods of their life sure isn't going to help in that regard... now is it? maybe lets keep them in jail till they are 50. so when they get out the world has changed so much they can't cope, let alone find a job to support themselves. LOOK. my point is there are real world consequences to your hubris. It isn't as simple as lock umm up and throw away the key.
Big Dog February 22, 2013 at 12:24 PM
Punishment: 1st Incident - Public beating with a cane/humiliation 2nd incident - Cut off both hands. 3rd Incident - Death penalty.
Cowboy February 25, 2013 at 07:38 PM
Big Dog is right. I'll bet the farm, that this is not their first crime.
Patrick February 25, 2013 at 11:19 PM
Now I don't wanna put words in anyone's mouth... But, I believe Big Dog was being sarcastic... as that is Sharia Law.


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