Man Charged with Animal Abuse in Death of Lawrence Woman's Dog

Michael Rosenberg, 30, is charged in connection with the death of a German Shepherd mix dog.

A Princeton Township man faces six counts of animal cruelty after a dog in his care died, according to press reports.

NJ.com reports that Tracy Stanton of Lawrence left her German Shepherd-mix dog Shyanne with Michael Rosenberg, 30 of Princeton on Aug. 26 after a friend recommended Rosenberg as a dog trainer.

Two days later, Rosenberg called Stanton and suggested the dog needed vet attention, but didn’t offer details, the newspaper reported. After Stanton made the appointment, she called Rosenberg back and he told her to pick up the dog immediately. Fifteen minutes later, Stanton’s boyfriend arrived and found Shyanne unresponsive but still breathing on Rosenberg’s front porch.

The dog died before arriving at the emergency vet hospital, according to NJ.com.

Results showed that Shyanne had four broken ribs and a punctured lung resulting from a blunt-force trauma.

Princeton Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson told The Princeton Packet this is the first cruelty case he’s seen in Princeton in which an animal was killed. He said a second animal cruelty case is pending against Rosenberg, also involving a dog.

Rosenberg is listed on the New Jersey State police website as a tier 2 Mega’s Law offender. The website states that Rosenberg had consensual sex with a juvenile female acquaintance. The date of disposition was Nov. 9, 2011.


Gail Smith November 30, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Im my opinion if you kill an animal you should be put to death- too bad the law doesn't agree with me. So sorry for this womans loss-those of us that have furkids feel your pain. There is a very special place in hell for this guy-hope he gets there soon.
Ev.Baroian December 04, 2012 at 02:24 AM
The laws need to be updated when it comes to animal cruelty. They are defenseless beings and they need better protection against monsters like this one. Death penalty should be considered for him. An eye for an eye....


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