Suspect in 'Attempted Abduction' at Rider Seen at TCNJ

Public safety officials at Rider University and The College of New Jersey have emailed to students photos of the suspect, who is free on bail. The man, 68-year-old Tony Kadyhrob, allegedly grabbed a Rider coed and ordered her to get in his car on March 28

The Lawrence Township man who allegedly on Monday is free on bail and today (Friday, April 1) was spotted on the Ewing Township campus of The College of New Jersey, according to alerts emailed to students by public safety officials at both institutions.

Photos of the suspect, 68-year-old Tony A. Kadyhrob, were included in the alerts and also posted on TCNJ’s website.

The photos on the TCNJ website were accompanied by the following text: “The person pictured below was arrested in connection with an attempted abduction in Lawrence Township earlier this week. He is currently free on bail. According to Lawrence police, he has been known to frequent college campuses. He was observed at The College of New Jersey on April 1, 2011, and was ejected and barred from campus by TCNJ Campus Police Services.”

Kadyhrob was declared a “Persona Non Grata” by Rider and banned from both the university’s main campus in Lawrence and its Westminster Choir campus in Princeton Borough as soon as he was identified as a suspect, prior to his arrest on Tuesday at his home in the 2000 block of Princeton Pike.  

While both Rider and TCNJ are calling the incident that took place on Rider’s Lawrence campus on Monday, March 28, an “attempted abduction,” Lawrence Township police thus far have not used the word “abduction” and have said that the motive behind Kadyhrob’s alleged actions remains under investigation.

Police charged Kadyhrob with trying to entice an adult into a motor vehicle, which is a third-degree crime. Free on bail, he is scheduled to appear before Judge Paul Catanese in Lawrence Township municipal court on Tuesday, April 5, at 8 a.m., according to Lt. Charles Edgar, a spokesman for Lawrence Township police.

The alleged incident occurred a little before 2:20 p.m. on Monday in parking lot “Z” near Rider’s south entrance.

Edgar earlier in the week told Lawrenceville Patch that the victim, a 19-year-old Rider student who lives in Monroe, told police she had just parked her car and was walking though the parking lot when she noticed a man who she said appeared a little “strange” a short distance away.

The man was standing near where the woman needed to go, so she pretended to talk on her cell phone in an attempt to avoid making eye-contact with the man, according to Edgar.

But as the woman neared him, the man started to talk to her, asking her how she was doing, Edgar said. After a very brief exchange of “small talk” the woman went to walk away, he said, but the man allegedly grabbed her by her upper arm and directed her to get in his car and go with him.

The 19-year-old was able to break free of the man’s grasp and run away. When she reached her dormitory room, she immediately called Rider University security, who in turn alerted township police.

Officer James Vandanega and Detective William Chester investigated the incident throughout the night and were able to identify Kadyhrob as a suspect, Edgar said. He said a warrant for Kadyhrob’s arrest was obtained the next day (Tuesday, March 29) and the 68-year-old was arrested a short time later at his home without incident.

In its first communication to students about the incident – sent by email at 2:52 p.m. Monday, about a half-hour after the victim contacted authorities – Rider offered a description of the man and cautioned students to “be aware of your surroundings, walk in pairs, and immediately report suspicious persons.” Two additional emails followed on Tuesday, at about 9:45 a.m. and at 4 p.m., reporting that a suspect had been identified and then taken into custody.

Rider distributed the photos of Kadyhrob in an email sent to students about 7 p.m. Friday. That email included the following advisory:

“In response to requests, we have now received and wish to share with you photos of Tony Kadyhrob who, as you know, is the 68 year old Lawrence resident who was arrested on Tuesday, March 29, by Lawrence Township Police Department in conjunction with the incident earlier this week on Rider's Lawrenceville campus. While there have been no reports of Mr. Kadyhrob on either of Rider's two campuses since he was released on bail, he was seen this afternoon at The College of New Jersey and has been declared Persona Non Grata on that campus. TCNJ officials have informed the appropriate authorities. These photos have also been shared with Rider's Public Safety, Residence Life and Student Affairs staff.

“Mr. Kadyhrob continues to be Persona Non Grata on both of Rider's campuses, which means he is subject to arrest for trespassing if seen on either campus at any time for any reason. While we have no expectation that Mr. Kadyhrob will return to Rider's campuses, if you see him, do not confront him. Please contact Public Safety immediately at (609) 896-7777 or (609) 896-5029.”

In a story about Monday’s incident, the Rider News – the university’s student newspaper – quoted several students who said they had seen Kadyhrob lurking around different parts of the Lawrence campus – parking lots, the dining hall, the pub – at various times over the last few weeks.

Larry Marks Jr. April 02, 2011 at 06:09 PM
Joe this can and does happen in any community but David raises such a valid point. If this man did not reside in such close proximity to four schools the concern may be reduced slightly. It is always scary when articles like this are run because no one except the investigators really know the complete facts. Whether the police officials release partial information due to the investigation or the media puts a spin on the story to make it more news worthy is always a guessing game. I trust that the investigators would not allow a true predator to be released back onto the streets if in their power if this man was a threat. This is where we the community need to have full trust and faith in the decisions made by our police officers. This is the exact reason why our police department needs to be "up to snuff" and properly staffed and supervised so that when a case like this arises they are not behind the eight ball. As an out of state retired police supervisor and a resident of Lawrenceville I can speak about the importance of proper staffing and supervison. As I understand the current situation our town is awaiting direction from a private consulting firm to give direction about staffing levels of officers and supervisors. This information seems best fit to be provided from the police chief who can provide factual information in justification for the correct staffing levels he sees necessary to accomplish the goals of public safety in Lawrenceville. Lets not recreate the wheel
Larry Marks Jr. April 02, 2011 at 06:13 PM
On a side note, I am impressed with the work that the police officers in Lawrenceville perform and the high level of service they provide to the community citizens. I commend the investigators on this case and am proud to me a Lawrenceville resident. I make it my point to be an "informed" resident and urge all of you to do the same. Not only with the police department but all decisions and services provided by the town.
Joe Russo April 02, 2011 at 06:50 PM
Hi Larry, Good conversation. No doubt in my mind that Lawrence Township Police Dept, is properly supervised, and up to snuff! But, if "up to snuff" means provided with all that is necessary to provide, as they see fit, I can't answer that. Only LTPD can. We have the best trained and led Police Department. I agree 100% that our officers need only the best. No argument at all!! We're on the same page. Since you are a former, valued Police Officer, please, please join Lawrence FOP Lodge #209. I am Coordinating Director, Associate Membership. Let's do what we can to support Lawrence Township Police Dept. Thank you, Joe Russo
DSXM April 02, 2011 at 09:35 PM
We need to put more police on the street.
Joe Russo April 02, 2011 at 10:39 PM
Hi DSXM, Very, very true. When one considers 3 shifts per day, day's off, vacation, illness, etc. if affects the amount of officers available. An accident here, a transport, an arrest there, etc., any police dept. can struggle to spread resources. As you well put it, "We need to put more police on the street". Joe


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