Burglary Suspect Nabbed After Alert Citizen Calls Cops

After receiving a call from an observant resident about a person acting suspiciously in a neighborhood where a break-in occurred just days earlier, Lawrence Township police arrested a woman they allege is responsible for at least two recent burglaries.

Acting on a call from an alert resident reporting that a woman was acting suspiciously in a neighborhood where a break-in had occurred only two days earlier, Lawrence Township police last Thursday afternoon (Aug. 9) caught a woman who, they claim, committed both that crime and at least one other recent residential burglary in the township.

The suspect, Anna Baczyk, 28, of Hopewell Township, has been charged with multiple offenses, including burglary, theft and receiving stolen property, according to Detective Sgt. Joseph Amodio, a Lawrence Township police spokesman.

Baczyk is accused of burglarizing homes on Spring Beauty Drive on Aug. 7 and Denow Road on Aug. 8, he said.

Amodio said it was about 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 9 when township police received a call from a township resident who, concerned by the burglary on Spring Beauty Drive, reported that a woman – later identified as Baczyk – was acting suspiciously on Larkspur Lane, a small street that runs in a loop off Spring Beauty Drive.

That observant citizen, Lawrenceville Patch has learned, was Kris Palmer, a military veteran who has served as a volunteer firefighter in Lawrence Township for more than a dozen years and currently acts as president of Lawrence Road Fire Co.

During a brief interview with Patch, Palmer explained that he was on Larkspur Lane visiting a family member when he spotted Baczyk hanging out on the street. She was dressed in exercise clothing and had a bicycle with her, but was smoking cigarettes and looking around.

Palmer, who said he is familiar with all the residents of that close-knit neighborhood, did not recognize Baczyk. After observing her from a distance for a few minutes, he said he drove up to her and asked her if she was lost. Baczyk allegedly said she was looking for a particular address but Palmer said she appeared nervous when answering.

Feeling that something “just wasn’t right” with Baczyk presence in the neighborhood, Palmer said he called police as soon as he had driven away from her. He said he provided police with a detailed description of the woman and her odd behavior.

Police quickly arrived in the area and, based on the description given, located Baczyk nearby, Amodio said.

He said officers and detectives soon discovered that the bicycle Baczyk had with her had been . As a result, he said, Baczyk was taken into custody and later charged with receiving stolen property.

As police investigated further, according to Amodio, they found that a bag Baczyk had with her contained “burglary tools.”

A subsequent search of Baczyk’s home on Shrewsbury Court – located off Denow Road in Hopewell Township, just a few blocks from where the burglaries on Spring Beauty Drive and Denow Road occurred in Lawrence Township – turned up some of the jewelry that had allegedly been stolen from those two homes, Amodio said.

Stolen jewelry was also found at a second location, he said.

A total of more than $1,600 worth of jewelry was stolen from the two homes, he said, noting that only a portion has been recovered so far.

In the case of the Spring Beauty Drive break-in, the burglar gained entry to the house by forcing open a rear door, Amodio said. He said the point of entry in the Denow Road break-in was an unlocked window that had its screen cut away.

Amodio said detectives are still investigating and trying to determine if Baczyk was responsible for other recent burglaries in the township.

Baczyk, meanwhile, was lodged in the Mercer County Correction Center in Hopewell Township in lieu of $36,500 bail, with a 10 percent bond option.

Police ask anyone with information that might assist their investigation to call them at (609) 896-1111.


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Amy Simon August 15, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Thank you Kris Palmer for following your gut and making that call!
Jerry D'Ascoli August 16, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Give me a break, Filet, 1. "Golden boy" is a township police spokesman (doing his job). 2. He cited that the detectives (and officers) got quickly on the case, made good observations and are working on her ties to other break-ins. 3. Only the editor & reporter know if he cited specific detectives, or officers for that matter. 4. I doubt listing them is normal policy of the police dept. or the Patch. Just be happy that L'vile's finest is on the job and go hunting witches somewhere else. Salem might be a good start...
Sandy R. August 17, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Great job Kris Palmer and LTPD. If the spokesman is the golden boy so be it. Golden boys are always temporary and end up disliked by coworkers after their fall from the pedestal. We have them at my job and it always happens. Anyway great job.
OldWiseOne August 25, 2012 at 01:44 AM
How come you used the informants name in the article? That seems pretty dumb to me. You also detailed where he can be found if anyone wants to congratulate him in person. Maybe this is why many people don't cooperate in police investigations. Kris Palmer must either have a huge ego or be incredibly unthinking; most likely both.
Just Sayin' August 26, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Anna has been a scam artitist for some time now. She has scammed many neighbors out of money, using her children for the excuse of why she needs money. I feel sorry for the people who trusted her enough to think they were helping the children. She also is suspect of breaking into the house of someone I know (who has a job, and works very hard for what she has) and taking jewlery and money and she should be punnished for her actions. Thank to LTPD and Hopewell PD. Good work... And a big thanks to Kris Palmer.


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