Ups, Downs -- Getting in Shape is Difficult

A good start is followed by an injury and bad habits.

It has been a week of ups and downs in my efforts to get myself back into shape.

First, I managed two runs early in the week – both three miles and both on the treadmill, with my time down to 32 minutes. That’s the best time I’ve managed since I’ve returned to the running game, but far from where I want to be.

My goal remains 27 minutes for three miles – and at least one five-miler in a week. Both of these goals seem so far off.

My weight also was down to about 213, though it has floated back up to 215 due to some bad habits returning. Ups and downs – weight down is an up, weight up is a down. Strange how language works.

The more problematic downer for the week was what I am hoping will be only a minor injury. On Friday morning, I set out for an outdoor run. It was a nice morning, clear and not as humid or hot as it has been recently. I’ve been sticking mostly to the treadmill but know that what gives me such a rush from running is the variety in geography and the feeling that I am going somewhere, even if it’s only in a big circle.

So I set out for a run, huffing along until I hit the one-mile mark. That’s when I felt my left calf seize – a knife-like pain that I initially tried to run through. That, of course, was a bad idea. The pain only worsened and after a quarter mile I stopped. I couldn’t push any farther and had to walk home. I tried to maintain a good pace, even with the limp. The calf still bothers me, but I’ve been stretching it and I hope to hit the road or the treadmill  again on Monday.

This getting back in shape business is not exactly simple.


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