Letter to the Editor: Schuler Family Offers 'Note of Gratitude'

The writers are Amy and Bill Schuler and their children, whose home on Fountayne Lane in Lawrence Township was destroyed by a fire during the early hours of Aug. 13.

To our dear families, neighbors, friends, and their friends and families from Lawrenceville and around the country who wrote cards, shared mementos, offered prayers, took care of our sons, made generous financial donations, and provided everything from their homes to bikes to computers to clothing to food and meals to soccer equipment.

To our local firefighters, police, sports and religious organizations, businesses and school district that provided tuition-relief, valuable guidance and direction.

To those we've never met who anonymously showered us with endless acts of kindness, complete strangers like the nine-year old daughter of a DMV clerk who led her bible class in a prayer for our family.

Not in our lifetimes can we ever sufficiently thank you or truly express the full measure of our gratitude for your support.

It is your  incredible charity, generosity, friendship and love that has sustained us, restored our hope and enabled us to move forward. Your smiles and hugs have brought back our  smiles, helped us to heal and empowered us to begin  our next chapter.

They say surviving what we've been through will make us stronger. However, we believe it's you who have strengthened us, you who've carried us through these past 44 days.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget what you've done for us.

With all our love and appreciation,

- Amy, Bill, Kyle and Will Schuler



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