Letter to the Editor: Lawrence Families Need Help Too After Sandy

The writer is Pepper Evans, president of the Lawrence Community Center Advisory Board

My mother used to tell me that charity begins at home; it is in this spirit that I offer a thought:

Local families are affected by the recent storm in ways that may not be immediately apparent. No water in the basement, no downed trees. And yet some families are at risk now of losing their homes.

When a storm wreaks havoc and life comes to a standstill, many people lose time from their jobs. For some this can be a major inconvenience, but for others — hourly workers or those without the luxury and comfort of a savings account — it can be a tragedy.

Conscientious, hard-working people, through no fault of their own, were unable to earn the paycheck that keeps their lights on and their children fed. These are families who have never had to ask for help until now.

I applaud the generosity of those sharing resources to rebuild and clean up after Hurricane Sandy, and just offer this gentle reminder that we need not look too far to help.

Mom was right — charity begins at home. Lawrence Community Center and HomeFront will put your donation to work right here in Lawrence. http://www.homefrontnj.org/Donate-AA2011.cfm

- Pepper Evans

President, Lawrence Community Center Advisory Board

Christine Lee November 15, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I am so proud that Pepper is our Advisory Board President. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to work along side her and her wonderful daughters that do so much for the community. Pepper you are true inspiration and you always put others first. It is great to work with you and all the other advisory board members that are true advocates for the well being and support of our organizations and you all really care about your community and families here in Lawrenceville. - Christine Lee, Director, Lawrence Community Center and HomeFront Furnish the Future and Food Pantries programs


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