Letter to the Editor: Former School Board Member Thanks Voters, Explains Why She Stepped Down

The writer is Ginny Bigley, who recently resigned from the Lawrence Township Board of Education.

I want to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude to all of the voters and supporters who have stood by me for the past six years in my various campaign bids.

You should all know that my stepping down from the School Board was not an easy decision for me. Further, it was not a matter of “just not having the time.” Serving on the board is a luxury of both time and emotions.

However, the prevailing economic environment has forced me and I am sure, many of you, to re-evaluate how you can best dedicate our limited resource of time. I have been proud to apply myself 110 percent to the activities of the School Board over the two terms that I have served. I felt that if I could not continue to do that, then I should step down. Additionally, having witnessed the quality and number of citizens willing to step up to fill the vacancies on the board, the timing was good for both myself and the district.

During those terms, we have accomplished a great deal. Fiscally, our physical plants are looking better than ever, we have managed to keep school tax increases to a minimum, we have strong leadership in all of our schools and we introduced solar power to our schools. The solar project alone has already generated over $1 million of savings for the district. We have managed to do all of this without eliminating positions or reducing necessary staffing levels

Academically, test scores are up across the district, we have managed to keep virtually all extra-curricular activities intact, as well as, maintaining our sports programs, and a consistent award winning music program. We have significantly broadened the district’s special needs capabilities, which allow those children to obtain the services they need close to home and among their friends and neighbors. Finally, we are introducing Career Academies in the high school starting in September.

I am proud to say the Lawrence School District is now a leading district in Mercer County. We are the district that others now look to for leadership in fiscal responsibility, business administration (Tom Eldridge) and curriculum development (Dr. Crystal Lovell). We are in good shape. However, we only get better through the public’s involvement in the system. So please attend board meetings, share your thoughts and ideas and make change a constant for the better here in Lawrence.


Ginny Bigley


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