Letter to the Editor: Artists' Network Bids Farewell to Lawrenceville

Bill Felder announces on behalf of the Lawrenceville Main Street Artists' Network that the gallery on Main Street (Route 206) will close Oct. 27 as a result of the artists' group being ordered to separate from the Lawrenceville Main Street or

Three years ago, Lawrenceville Main Street provided the framework for the Lawrenceville Main Street Artists' Network to form as a part of their organization. Since then, they have graciously provided support for the gallery by allowing it to operate under their auspices.

Lawrenceville Main Street organization has now directed the Artists' Network to separate from them, effective Oct. 31, 2012. The aid that LMS has provided the Artists' Network was organizational. The Artists' Network sustained itself financially.

The immediate result of this decision is that the Artists' Network Gallery and Gift Shop will close its doors on the last Saturday of October, the 27th. The Artists' Network will be using the next few months to reorganize and determine its new direction.

If a decision to reorganize is taken, it is most likely that the new Artists' Network will make its appearance at a different location. In the meantime, the Artists' Network will maintain its web site. Look for continuing details of our artists' gatherings and art shows at outside venues at: lmsartistsnetwork.com 

We appreciate the work of LMS in supporting the establishment of the Artists' Network.  Most of all, the Network Artists are grateful to friends, contributors, patrons, students and organizations who have supported us during our brief life, and especially to the merchants of Lawrenceville who have wholeheartedly backed our efforts to foster art in the community.

- Bill Felder, on behalf of the Lawrenceville Main Street Artists' Network



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