COAH tax for (rebuilt) new homes

I have just been informed that since I am building a new home in Berkeley twp to replace the one the storm damaged, I will need to pay a 1 percent tax on the value of my new home! Are you kidding me? this is for the Council of Affordable housing. Its not bad enough I had to pay thousands for variances, lawyers and engineers to build a new home, now I have to pay for affordable housing as well. I am just shocked at one more expense that has come my way. Is this so the the Council of affordable housing can use my money to put someone into a storm damaged house. When will this madness stop? I did not ask to lose my home, my retirement and soon my sanity! Has anyone else who is rebuilding had to pay this fee? This will be based on what the twp values my property at when rebuilt. You can be sure it will come in at a much higher rate than it should!


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