Resolutions? What Resolutions?

Mary's back with some encouragement to stay on track.

It's officially 2 weeks into the New Year.

So....How are your resolutions coming?

Statistics say that, more likely than not, this is the point where people get frustrated and think about giving up and reaching for that Snickers bar. I am here to try to get you to rethink your resolutions.

One of the many issues I have with New Year's resolutions is that we tend to think of them on a broad scale. For example, the most popular are (not necessarily in this order):

1. Lose Weight
2. Save Money.
3. Quit [insert bad habit here].

The issue with this is that there is no plan. There is no road map to get to that place where you would like to be. Additionally, a blanket resolution like "lose weight" is intimidating and, if it's not achieved right away, frustrating. So instead of blanket resolutions, make a new one.

Think smaller.

Resolutions don't have to just start on January 2 (because let's face it... NO ONE starts on January 1). They can be made at any time you want. We look at January 2 as a time to make resolutions because it's a new year and a new beginning. We are saying good-bye to the previous year and starting a new chapter. But can't that same idea be applied to a new month, week or even a day? If we re-frame our thinking, we can be successful.

Start thinking small.

Have your larger goal/resolution and then create smaller ones that you can start each month. If you are trying to lose weight, start by resolving to keep a food journal and tracking what you eat the first month. Then, as you continue to do that in the second month, try something new like trying Zumba or yoga for a month. See where I am going? If it's money you are concerned about, start by vowing to put away $5 a week in a jar. Then the following month, increase the amount. Or find ways to save, like resolving to clip more coupons or only shop from a list that you create before you go shopping.

small changes create BIG impact.

By making smaller resolutions, you are more likely to stick to the larger one that you set for yourself.

So, as discouraging as any new endeavor can be, don't give up. Look at what you have accomplished and at those things that might need more work. Evaluate them, learn from them and MOVE ON.

Bigger things are on their way... you just have to starting making changes to the smaller things to get there.

Be well friends. Until next time... 

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