Blog: Veteran's Day as Heroes Day

Local resident Judy Shepps Battle proposes that Veteran's Day be expanded to include often unpaid first responders (police, fire, first-aid/rescue).


As this Veteran's Day begins and we honor those who serve/served in our armed forces -- a too-big-of-a-percentage who made the supreme sacrifice -- let us also honor the civilian first responders (police, firefighters, first aid + rescue personnel) who willingly put their lives on hold in order to insure the safety and health of strangers.

They are the true heroes (along with the utilities folks) in the last two big storms here in Central NJ and on every other day for all of us. They are our domestic army, with a big percentage being unpaid volunteers, like here in South Brunswick and nearby areas.

Bowing deeply to all on Veteran's Day which I think should be subtitled Heroes Day.

At least this is how it feels on a sunny November morning in Central NJ which belies the physical and emotional damage done by Momma Nature during the past two weeks.

Copyright 2012 Judy Shepps Battle

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MWC Isgood November 11, 2012 at 08:20 PM
While I'm the last one to say 1st reponders, EMS, and Firemen, don't deserve recognition, I think putting them into the same category as veterans might be pushing it. While many Vets may never actually leave the country, those that do, especially those on the front lines, give up the comforts of home, and family, that many of us take for granted. I don't even think I'd put National Guard in the same catagory as military vets. I know the local EMS / 1st Aid Squads respond to easily 3 times the amount of calls as firemen, including reponding to "fire calls" . It might be more appropriate to give recognition to EMS, Fire, 1st Responders, and National Guard, on a seperate day then the military. While the military helps protect our freedom, the other orginazations help protect us at home.
Judy Shepps Battle November 12, 2012 at 02:10 AM
You make an excellent point, MWC. Thank you for posting it!


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