Photos: Oversized Loads Pass Through Lawrence

The large equipment was destined for the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Co. compressor station located on Cold Soil Road.

On Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 20) Lawrence Township police escorted two oversized loads of equipment bound for the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Co. compressor station located on Cold Soil Road.

The equipment, carried aboard large trailers, entered Lawrence Township by way of Lawrenceville-Pennington Road, after first exiting Interstate 95 in Hopewell Township. From Lawrenceville-Pennington Road, the trailers made their way along Bergen Street and then onto Cold Soil Road.

Township police officers directed traffic away from the oversized loads and blocked streets until they had passed.

“Because of the size and nature of the trailers, ‘Transco’ will be temporarily relocating the trees and shrubs on the traffic island at Bergen Street and Lawrenceville-Pennington Road in order to gain access to Bergen Street,” according to a notice about the delivery that was posted on the township’s website.

According to that notice, one of the trailers and its cargo measured 170-feet long by 18-feet, 6-inches wide by 15-feet, 3-inches tall, while the second was 163-feet long by 14feet, 4-inches wide by 15-feet, 3-inches wide.

“Once ‘Transco’ has successfully delivered their equipment to their Cold Soil Road location, they will authorize their contractor to restore the Bergen Street island,” the township notice read.


David Smith November 22, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Yeah and they did a miserable job with traffic when the did move these monstrosities. For some reason when they turned onto Lawrenceville /Pennington road they just sat there forever and the Hopewell cops didn't do anything to get traffic around them. Maybe you might want to try moving them when traffic is at it's lowest not when it is building at 3:30 next time.


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