Community Foundation 'Conversation' to be Held Oct. 27

The Lawrence Township Community Foundation, in cooperation with the Lawrence Historical Society, will host its10th Annual Community Conversation to discuss the "people, periods, and places" that have made up Lawrence over the years.

The Lawrence Township Community Foundation, in cooperation with the Lawrence Historical Society, is sponsoring the 10th Annual Community Conversation, to be held at Lawrence High School, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

October was chosen because it is the town’s History Month and the Lawrence Community Foundation, together with the Historical Society, is celebrating the town’s history

This year the theme is: “People, Periods, and Places.”

There will be conversations and exhibits regarding the people who have inhabited Lawrence, from the Lenni Lenape Indians up to the present.

We will also have exhibitions and conversations concerning the different periods of our town, including before the colonial era, during the colonial years, Independence, the formation of the new Republic, slavery and the Civil War, industrialization, the World Wars and the Great Depression, the post-war years, and up to the current era.

Then we will travel around the different places in our township as we explore the different neighborhoods, starting with the first developments established in town, from Slackwood (1890), Eldridge Park (1901), Eggerts Crossing, and much more.

Learn about what makes Lawrence Township what it is today. Perhaps you want to know if you house is a landmark. Join us for this very interesting and different type of conversation. Let us know your idea of what Lawrence means to you. And what is it that makes Lawrence Township unique?

If anyone is interesting in participating as a presenter in this year’s Community Conversation, contact Lawrence Township Community Foundation via email ltcfnj@gmail.com.



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