Top 4 Reasons Your Small Business Should Blog on Patch

Writing a blog on Patch can do a world of good for many small businesses.

Blogging will help your small business build authority online and in social media.
Blogging will help your small business build authority online and in social media.
You may have a business website, maybe even a Facebook page too. Perhaps you even have a Twitter account. But, are you still wondering how to get your local business noticed in the vastness of cyberspace?

Here's four reasons why creating your own blog space on Patch can help you stand out from among the local competitors' crowd:

1. Search Engine Optimization: Known as SEO, this is the practice of ensuring that your website shows up at the top of search engines searches like Google or Yahoo. Ever wonder why your competitor's business shows up higher in the list when you do an online search for your company's products or services? That's because they have better SEO than you do.  

Don't have SEO envy! Instead, help improve your SEO by starting a blog! With an additional online presence through a blog that gets updated regularly and links back to your website, it signals search engines and the complicated algorithm gods that figure this thing out that your page is not static, thus improving your SEO.

2. Builds Authority: An informative blog helps set you up as THE authority in your industry. For example, a bridal shop might set up a blog that details news and information about the bridal industry. Topics might include current trends, the best bridesmaid colors for spring, favor ideas, the best dresses for a beach wedding, tips on including the groom in the planning process, etc. 

Readers will start to look to you for advice and make your business look reputable and respected in your industry. If you end each blog with your name, your business name and a link back to your website, it will direct readers interested in your business services directly back to you! Not to mention, increase your SEO presence!

3. Connect the Dots: Content from your blog can be recycled on your website and vice versa. Not to mention, points in your blog make for good content for your social media posts like Facebook and Twitter. Social sharing is a great marketing tool to drive business directly to you! Having a blog gives you something to "share." 

4. It's FREE: With the expensive costs of advertising, many small businesses look for other ways to help get the word out about their business goods and services. Blogging offers businesses a free way to get themselves out there! What you do is great, why not promote yourself and your knowledge about your industry?

You can get started right away by establishing a blog on Patch. Click here to start your Patch Blog or email Community Editor Anthony Bellano at Anthony.Bellano@patch.com with any questions.


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