[UPDATED] Streamline Air to Suspend Service at Trenton-Mercer Airport

The company has announced it will suspend passenger flight operations as of Friday, Sept. 14.


Streamline Air has announced that effective Friday, Sept. 14, it will suspend passenger flight operations between Trenton Mercer Airport and Bedford Hanscom Field. 

An automated recording at Streamline Air, a subsidiary of Charter Air Transport Inc., offers passengers the following message: 

"As of Sept. 14, streamline air will be suspending service between Trenton Mercer and Bedford Hanscom Field. Any passengers with reservations past the 14th will be refunded to their original method of payment."

The charter service, which began serving Trenton-Mercer Airport in April 2011, offered passenger service between Trenton Mercer and Hanscom Field in Bedford, Mass.

According to nj.com, Streamline Air was the airport's first passenger service since the recession forced two prior carriers to end service in early 2008.

Julie Willmot, spokeswoman for Mercer County, told Patch Wednesday afternoon she had not heard the news. A short time later, however, she was able to confirm the cancellation of Streamline operations. 

She said Streamline told the county that the decision was based on internal management issues and not a result of service or passenger numbers.

“We are well aware that the airline industry is highly competitive and challenging, and we are hopeful that Streamline is able to realign its business plan, re-enter the market and return service to Trenton-Mercer,” Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes said. 

Streamline lease agreement with Mercer County expires in March 2013. In addition to the lease, the airline pays approximately $72,000 a year in various other fees including use of the terminal, landing and fuel flowage.

Streamline passengers requesting information can call Streamline Air at (855) FLY-STRM, (855)359-7876, or email getflying@iflystreamline.com.

The county recently announced that beginning Nov. 16, 2012, Frontier Airlines will begin service between Trenton-Mercer and Orlando, Fla.

A message left at Streamline's headquarters was not immediately returned. No one answered the phone at Streamline's location at the airport. 

Michael Saunders September 13, 2012 at 04:09 AM
@Lynden: The airport was here long before the word suburbia even came into use. This was all farmland. It was people like you, like me, who moved into this area and near one of the state's three commercial airports. Trenton Mercer Airport serves important transportation needs for many different people and interests. It provides jobs for many people, and its tenants contribute significantly to the local economy. Quit complaining about the "buzzing overhead" and become educated about the benefits of this airport and who it serves. Instead of being completely oblivious to the valuable resources and economic drivers of your community, get out from under your rock and become a supportive, productive member of your community.
MH September 13, 2012 at 12:27 PM
I flew Streamline to/from Bedford a couple of times and it was great. Since it operates as a public charter, there was virtually no security screening to go through, so you could park (free) and be on the plane in less than 10 minutes. One key problem with the service was that if your flight was cancelled, there were no other local options, so you had to head to Newark or Philadelphia, essentially losing half a day. I'm betting that a lot of potential travelers traded ease of travel for a more frequent schedule.
NIMBY's Should Move September 13, 2012 at 02:07 PM
The airport opened in 1929. When was your house constructed?
Observer September 25, 2012 at 07:51 PM
The one good thing about Mercer County is that it is in the good ol' free United States of America where if you don't LIKE it, you can LEAVE it!!!!!
Avery Schlacter January 31, 2014 at 12:59 PM
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