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Ninth Hearing Over Proposed Detox Center Tonight

During the hearing this evening, the Lawrence Township Zoning Board may decide the fate Sunrise Detox’s controversial plan to open a 38-bed in-patient drug and alcohol detoxification center on Federal City Road.

The Lawrence Township Zoning Board will hold its ninth - and possibly final - hearing tonight (Wednesday, June 1) about Sunrise Detox’s controversial plan to open a 38-bed in-patient drug and alcohol detoxification center on Federal City Road.

The hearing will be held in the council chambers at the township municipal building at 2207 Lawrence Rd. beginning at 7:30 p.m. (Click here to download a copy of the zoning board agenda.)

The 17,209-square-foot building that Sunrise hopes to use sits at the entrance to the Traditions at Federal Point adult community and directly behind the homes in another development that includes Frederick Court and Karena Lane. 

A land-use variance must be issued by the zoning board before property owner John Simone can legally lease the building to Sunrise for use as a short-term medical center.

Previous hearings featuring testimony from Sunrise representatives and experts testifying on behalf of the Florida-based company have drawn strong and vocal criticism from residents who believe that such a facility should not be located so close to residential neighborhoods.

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Jim Ianni June 02, 2011 at 05:08 PM
Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Why are all these stories so one sided and pointing only at the side of Simone and Sunrise? Is someone taking a kickback? The proposed center is not on Federal Road, it is on Federal Point Blvd which is a private road built for the Traditions retirement community. It is not patrolled by police or security regularly. So how about we tell the truth about that in a story for once since comments are usually only glanced at by most without holding much weight regardless of the truth they tell. My next comment is for the board chairman. You called my father rude for pointing while stating his well thought out and highly accurate case? What is rude is the twisting of the facts and the wording of the law to suit your agenda without any consideration for the people/citizens/taxpayers/voters that it will immediately impact. Here's a suggestion, how about we build a minimum security prison or a half way house next door to the chairman, Simones or anyone else on the board's home.......now that would get shot down immediately wouldn't it? Stop being corrupt and do the right thing.
Lori D. Fasci-Nation June 02, 2011 at 07:22 PM
Wow, Jim, have you uncovered some corruption? Something having to do with kickbacks. Please, tell us what you know. This sounds really interesting.


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