Lawrence Publisher Announces First Work of Fiction

"Mirage of Truth" by Princeton resident L.E. Rose will be published on Dec. 9 by Open Door Publications, a Lawrence Township-based independent book publisher.

Open Door Publications, an independent book publisher located in Lawrence Township, will publish its first work of fiction, Mirage of Truth by Princeton resident L.E. Rose, on Sunday, Dec. 9.

The novel, which is set at an Atlantic City casino, will be available in both a print paperback edition and an e-book edition from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Open Door Publication’s own online bookstore. The price for the 350-page book, with cover art by Indianapolis artist Kyle Ragsdale, is $14.95.

Mirage of Truth is the perfect book for us to start our fiction collection. Its themes of truth and forgiving ourselves for past mistakes resonate with all of us,” Open Door publisher and founder Karen Hodges Miller said. “It’s setting, the Jersey Shore, is particularly poignant in the wake of the damage caused to Atlantic City and other shore towns by Hurricane Sandy.”

The six-year old New Jersey publishing house has previously published over 20 books, all non-fiction. The company’s theme is “empowerment” – of authors, of entrepreneurs, and of ourselves.

The description of Mirage of Truth is as follows:

Entangled in a delusion of desires, a gambler, a mercenary, and a warlord try to harness a seasoned woman as their possession. But she is an America woman, a Jersey girl who is not about to become any man’s captured butterfly. Now, only a poker game can determine her fate. The four come together in a New Jersey casino with unquestionable wealth, indomitable power and alluring beauty, as well as the memories of past lies and transgressions. As each new card is dealt, the characters shred another illusion in the mirage, drawing them closer to the truth. Passions lead them to the final showdown where they will sit at the gaming table to face not only each other, but themselves.

“Author L.E. Rose writes about the fragile relationships between women and men in today’s world,” Hodges Miller said. “Her complex plots keep the reader guessing even as she explores some of today’s most controversial issues, including sexual slavery and Honor Killing, the practice in some countries that condones the killing of a woman or girl who is perceived to have brought dishonor on a family.”



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