Lawrence-Based Business Plays Santa to Help Santa

Annual bed bug charity offers relief to Multiple Sclerosis patient in need.

Editor's Note: The following is a news release issued yesterday by Lawrence Township-based Bed Bug Central and Cooper Pest Solutions.

Allen Michaelson, resident Santa Claus for the Philadelphia Eagles for 15 years, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, leaving him unable to care for himself.

As if things couldn’t get more difficult for Michaelson, bed bugs invaded his home about five months ago, preventing him from getting the daily healthcare aid and therapy he requires.

In desperate need of help and bed bug treatment, Michaelson contacted Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, a charity sponsored by Bed Bug Central, dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from bed bug infestation during the holiday season.

“I haven’t been getting the daily services and care I need because the home aids are afraid of coming to my house and getting bed bugs,” said Michaelson. “The bed bug treatment will allow me to live more comfortably and bed bug free, so I may receive the care I need.” 

Phil Cooper and his team provided free bed bug treatment services over the weekend to alleviate Michaelson’s problem as part of the Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays charity program sponsored by BedBug Central.

Cooper, a diehard Eagles fan and season ticket holder, immediately bonded with Michaelson over their beloved team and was too happy to help the former Eagles Santa Clause become bed bug free.

“Helping Allen means a great deal to me both on a personal and professional level,” said Cooper. “Personally, from one Eagles fan to another it makes me smile to see him light up when talking about all the great years he spent as Santa for the Eagles, I’m sure a much happier time in his life. On a professional level, my team and I are thrilled we rid Allen’s home of bed bugs so that he is able to once again receive the healthcare he needs on a daily basis.”


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