Residents Invited to Participate in Food Waste Recycling Program

The program is voluntary, but Township officials hope it will ultimately help reduce municipal trash costs.

Want to participate in Lawrence Township's new voluntary Food Waste Recycling program? 

Participants will put their organic waste in a separate container that will be turned into compost, thereby saving valuable space at local landfills and hopefully reducing municipal trash costs. 

The township's vendor needs 300 participants to start. Those who sign up be given an organic waste container that will be collected weekly. 

The cost will be $17 per month.

Interested residents should contact the Public Works Department at (609) 587-1894 and be placed on a list for further instructions. Residents may also e-mail jbrokofsky@lawrencetwp.com.
CTM January 01, 2014 at 09:57 AM
I am all for the township saving money, but isn't it a little ridiculous to ask for volunteers and then turn around and ask them to foot the bill for the program too, to the amount of $61,000 annually? (17 x 300 =5,100 per month x 12 months =$61,200) Was a study done on the amount the town thinks it will save in reduced landfill fees verse the cost of the program? For $100 per family the town could go and buy composting drums for those 300 families save the volunteers pick up fees and save the town fuel and personnel costs in retrieving the containers weekly.


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