Have Some 'Pi' With Einstein In Princeton

Festivities for Pi Day Princeton, the annual family event celebrating Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day, will begin Friday, March 13

Festivities for Pi Day Princeton, the annual family event celebrating Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day, will begin Friday, March 13 and continue through Sunday, March 15, 2014 in downtown Princeton, New Jersey.

The three-day event, which began in 2010 and draws over 9,000 revelers to Princeton, celebrates the birth of Albert Einstein, who was born on March 14th -- the numeric equivalent of Pi.

Einstein lived in Princeton for over 20 years and Princeton continues to be home to many of the world's most respected mathematicians.  This is why on Pi Day, Princeton celebrates Einstein’s birthday and all the genius residents of the famous Ivy League town with fun events for all ages! 

Anchored at the Princeton Public Library, this free weekend will include a Pie Eating Contest, Pie Judging Contest, a Walk-A-Pi-A-Thon, Pie Throwing, a Rubik’s Cube Interactive Demonstration, Mega Chess Champion Demo & Free Style, Engaging Lectures and Book Signings by academic celebrities and authors, a Kid’s Violin Exhibition, Pi Day Dinky Train Rides with Einstein, and Walking Tours of Einstein's favorite hangouts - including his hair dresser's house.

There will be competitions for kids 13-and-under, in which the winners receive $314.15 for the Einstein Look-A-Like Contest and the Pi Recitation Contest.  The winning person or group of the International Video Contest will also receive $314.15. 

And, a new contest this year - just for middle school students - will award the winner of the    Pizza Pi “Top Chef” Competition with a pizza every month for the remainder of the year, courtesy of Princeton Pi

ADVANCED REGISTRATION for Pi Day Events and EARLY ARRIVAL are preferred to guarantee participation. Registration information can be found at www.pidayprinceton.com

From the event's organizers:

NEW this year, will be a featured event “Princeton Light Up the Night Event” at 8 PM on March 14.   The town of Princeton will recreate the 1,000 Fire Flies Experiment when the first 159 Princeton residents to arrive to the Community Park North Recreational Track will receive free LED lights for their bikes.  The participants will ride 3.14 miles on the circular track, the lights will synchronize to create an artificial system of blinking lights that mutually synchronize to


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Princeton Pi Day Press Release


create a scientific mystery and magical display!  At the end of the ride, participants will return their lights to be distributed by the Princeton Police Department and Princeton University Department of Public Safety to Princeton residents and University employees who commute by bike throughout the year and are in need of safety lights. The event is sponsored by Princeton University, Princeton Tour Company, the Princeton Pedestrian/Bicyclist Advisory Committee, and the Municipality of Princeton.  (When asked about plans for inclement weather, Pi Day Princeton founder, Mimi Omiecinski, playfully recanted, “Well, July 22nd, silly!  Because 22/7 is the day/month format and the fraction 22/7 is a common approximation of Pi!”)

A detailed description of all Pi Day 2014 Events can be found at www.pidayprinceton.com


On the last day of the event, the Historical Society will hold two “Happy Birthday Einstein” parties, the Public Library will host the Pi Social & Concert and the Princeton Arts Council will present an original Einstein themed production. 


Princeton merchants will also join in the fun by pricing items at $3.14 and hosting all sorts of entertaining events. And, don't be surprised if the entire wait staff of many establishments dress-up like the world's most loveable genius!  


Pi Day Princeton founder, Mimi Omiecinski, claims "Pi Day Princeton is just another love story in Princeton.  All the merchants, non-profits, academic institutions and businesses come together to offer the world another 'quintessentially Princeton' experience.”    Omiecinski adds, "I encourage everyone to join the town for Pi Day.  You don’t have to be a smarty pants to have fun at these celebrations.  If you’re a brainiac, we really treat you like a rock star but, if you’re like me, and are fascinated by smarty pants, you’re going to be mesmerized the whole weekend!  Pi Day Princeton is always a genius event!”


A schedule of the Pi Day 2014 Events is attached.

Pi Day Princeton has attracted national and international attention, including coverage on CBS Sunday Morning, PBS, BBC, CNN, CBS, FOX News and articles in Japan Airlines and United Airlines In-Flight magazines. 


Pi Day Princeton Sponsors:  Princeton Tour Company, princeton genius tours, Princeton University, Kopp’s Cycle Shop, Princeton University Press, Palmer Square, Nassau Inn, Real Possibilities, and Princeton Public Library.


Community organizations have joined with Pi Day Princeton to make this a truly town-wide celebration of Princeton and its history.   We acknowledge and thank Princeton University, Palmer Square, Princeton Shopping Center, Historical Society of Princeton, Princeton University Press, The Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton Symphony Orchestra, YMCA Princeton, McCarter Theatre, Princeton Pedestrian/Bicyclist Advisory Committee, the Municipality of Princeton, and the Princeton Art Museum.


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An Infinitely Delightful Number of Events Planned for the 2014 Pi Day Princeton

& Einstein’s Birthday Celebrations



Thursday, 3.13.14       PI DAY EVE

7:00 p.m.              Academic Celebrity Pi Day Event with Charles Adler at Library


Friday, 3.14.14            THE REAL PI DAY & EINSTEIN’S BIRTHDAY

11:00 a.m.           Walking Tour of Einstein’s Neighborhood begins at U-Store

1:59 p.m.              Deadline for International Pi Day Princeton Video Contest

3:14 p.m.              Walk a Pi Event at YMCA

3:14 p.m.              Pizza Pi “Top Chef” Competition at Princeton Pi

6:00 p.m.              Academic Celebrity Pi Day Event with famed physicist A. Douglas Stone at Library

8:00 p.m.              Princeton Light Up the Night Event – at Community Park North Park


Saturday, 3.15.14       OUR UNREAL CELEBRATION DAY

9:00 a.m.              Pie Eating Contest at McCaffrey’s

10:00 a.m.           Kids’ Violin Exhibition at Library

11:00 a.m.           Einstein Look A Like Contest at Library

11:00 a.m.           “Happy Birthday Einstein!” party at Historical Society

12:00 pm.             Dinky Rides with Einstein at Dinky Station

12:00 pm              Academic Celebrity Book Signing with Jennifer Berne at Jazams

1:00 p.m.              Pi Recitation Contest at Library

2:00 p.m.              Celebrity Book Party with Laura Overdeck at Labyrinth Books

2:15 p.m.              Rubik’s Cube Interactive Demonstration at Library

2:45 p.m.              Pie Judging Event at Nassau Inn Tap Room

3:14 p.m.              Pie Throwing Event at Palmer Square Green

3:14 p.m.              World Premiere & Announcement of International Video Contest Winner on Facebook

3:30 p.m.              Guided Einstein Tour begins at Library

4:00 p.m.              “Happy Birthday Einstein!” party at Historical Society

4:00 p.m.              Mega Chess Champion Demo & Free Style Play featuring chess champion David Hua

5:00 p.m.              Pi Social & Concert at Library

7:30 p.m.              Original Einstein themed production at Princeton Art Council


ADVANCED REGISTRATION for Pi Day Events and EARLY ARRIVAL are preferred to guarantee participation.

A detailed description of all Pi Day 2014 Events can be found at www.pidayprinceton.com


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