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Michael Allistor April 20, 2014 at 08:53 PM
Did you think about contacting an attorney?
ted April 23, 2014 at 10:33 AM
At least they had food. Acme must buy discounted trucks of food. Half the time, they don't haveRead Morewhat you are looking for, or if produce, it is so moldy and bruised, I wouldn't feed it to a farm animal.
Patrick March 25, 2014 at 12:50 PM
Max, I read the story in the Ledger, and what am I missing??? They cut longevity pay, got noRead Moreraises this year and under a 2% raise in 2015. Radically cut the unused sick time pay out... http://www.lawrenceledger.com/story.cgi?section=news&story=doc530520180563c863449226&s=1+page_1 Are you angry that they didn't throw the union out? or are you upset that Council did exactly what you you ran on, and took credit for it? This conflated argument that they are rewarding friends, is where you lose people... Democrats in Mercer getting donations from state workers is anything but shocking. In fact I'm surprised at how small the numbers are.
mike Bieamowicz March 26, 2014 at 10:01 AM
I own two pieces of property on Bakers Basin Road. I was out of town during the hearing, butRead Morebased upon the Lawrence Ledgers Article it was a forgone conclusion that nothing was going to change. I had sent my written comments to the Township Manager who apparently gave them to each Council Member. I had also sent them to the Mayor of Lawrence Township without her acknowledging receipt. I was advised my comments were to be part of the public record, but they weren't read aloud. Everyone on Bakers Basin knew what was going to happen. We knew that if we spoke, our voices would fall on deaf ears. Bakers Basin/Lawrence Station and its residents have complained to Lawrence Township about many things in the past, but we are often discarded and decisions made to to contrary. This includes many Board of Adjustment Meetings and they do what they please. We have to contend with the traffic and U-turns on our properties. Wait until this new interchange goes in. All of Lawrence Township will suffer because of someone's bright idea of expansion. Historically Bakers Basin / Lawrence Station is commonly the forgotten side of Lawrence Township. We might as well belong to Hamilton Township. I question why other areas weren't considered like the The end of Spruce Street where the older car dealership was located. Place this Detox Rehab center at the borders of Lawrence and Ewing. Take the zone from Highway Commercial and make it MX-2 as well. Why not more than one area for this zoning. Backhanded, back room deals are common place, even though they are denied.
Trenton Talker March 31, 2014 at 01:19 PM
The Lawrence Town Council decided to create a "Little Australia" section of LawrenceRead MoreTowns hip by picking the neighborhood where these detox facilities would go, stating they didn't want these undesirable people in "high density" areas of Lawrence Township. So instead of letting the free market system decide which neighborhood the detox facilities would go, the local government forced a "Not in my backyard" solution by picking one neighborhood to put them in. The first public hearing for the chosen neighborhood's comments was held moments before the town council signed it into zoning law, making it clear they already had their minds made up, as the Lawrence Ledger had already reported and published. When Sue B. asked to have your letter read out loud at the public hearing, the Town Council refused to do so, so none of us could hear what you had to say, even though we encouraged them to read it aloud at the public hearing. I keep wondering: Why did they pick our neighborhood to put these detox facilities in? We'll never know, because the zoning elitists meet in secret to discuss their "Master Plan", which they kept referring to at the public hearing. The only word I heard there was "Master", making me feel like a "subject" or a "slave". It's bad government to make laws about Land Use without involving the Land Owners, and that's what happened here. Holding the first public hearing while the Town Council's pen was poised to sign it into law is not good government, it's bordering on tyranny. And with all of the thought diversity you get from having only Democrats voting on this, you may as well have had just one person who said: "We don't believe in the free market system, we are the tyrants who are going to decide which neighborhood these detox facilities go into. Can you say: "Who's you're NANNY?" Because the "Nanny state" has just expanded into the "Nanny Township" so that these zoning elitists can keep their well paying jobs instead of letting the Free Market System do what it's meant to do for free, without being paid a salary and pension like they are to determine things like this.
mike Bieamowicz April 08, 2014 at 03:39 PM
Its is so unfortunate that the Lawrence Township Council believes the Bakers Basin Area is the only Read Moresound solution. I proposed two other locations in my letter, which no one would bother to read. It also goes the say, that the Lawrence Ledger is not an impartial news outlet. It is a talking piece of the Democratic Machine that is Lawrence Township. Growing up I was a Democrat because everyone in my family was as well. I've grown Fiscally Conservative over the years. I would like the Republican Party of Lawrence Township, and Mercer County to feel free and contact me. I have two parcels of property on Bakers Basin where you can post your next campaign signs.